Leo Houlding/Jack Osbourne up to no good...

Ask Kevin Thaw a simple question and you may get a simple answer. "I'd heard that Leo had onsighted the Northwest Face of Half Dome in a day with Dean Potter as the belayer and how is every climbers' mate Jack Osbourne doing scaling El Cap for his latest adrenaline reality show?"

Kevin Replied:

"The valley was fun, all the while deep, grey/green, lacking seasonal water falls, full of folk, meadows still floral, walls still smell of wee, haul bags are rude, clean climbing is still as pointless as being an East coast resident, Chongo in situ of course, the adopt a big wall is a successful scheme - tourist groups sponsor food and some equipment for applicant teams who in return communicate from the wall and furnish photos,... 'Twas film time int' Ditch (local slang for Yosemite). Myself with Serac Film's Michael Brown, plus Scott Stowe, Ken Yeager, Craig Perkins and star of the show heart transplant recipient Kelly Perkins. We spent five days on the Muir Wall photo. Jack Osborne n' co set off up the Salathe the day we descended (Sept 9th) and I'd presume their ascent concluded? Meanwhile the Hubers dropped into town with a large production crew: Intent on fixing and lapping the Nose until they hold the record, all the while documenting progress. Leo did indeed do a free ascent of Half Dome and as one does when encountering the NW face found the supposed 11d slab (after Thank God ledge) to be the most taxing section (7b+?). The Higbee 'hedral seems to have remained clean following Tim Wagner & I digging it out back in '94."

Make of that what you will. But if you want to climb the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome (5.12[E6] or 5.9 C1) either free or with a bit of pulling on metal bits this is the page, Supertopo.

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