Vixen Tor Protest

Dave Turnbull for the BMC has posted the following on the forums -

"Following the alleged assault on 12 September, local climbers are organising a peaceful protest at the Tor this coming Saturday (24 Sept). All users of the moor have been invited to assemble at the parking area at 10am to make their feelings known. The protest is expected to last a couple of hours, after which there is a plan to walk and climb on the more accessible parts of Dartmoor. A good turnout is expected, and it is essential that the protest is peaceful. The police have been informed and will be present, along with local press and TV.
Whilst this is not a formal BMC protest, the BMC acknowledges the concerns of climbers and walkers and supports their desire to publicly express their views in a peaceful manner. It should be recognised that Dartmoor National Park Authority is still in discussion with the landowners to try to reach an agreement over access - climbers and walkers are therefore urged to avoid any actions which might jeopardise these discussions."

Please also note that the Organisers of the protest would like to request that dogs are not brought to the protest, to avoid any potential incidents with sheep.

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