Save Longstone Edge Group fight on!

The meeting of the Save Longstone Edge Campaign on Monday 28 November was lively to say the least. Calver village hall was packed and representatives of the Peak District National Park Authority who attended had their work cut out fending off criticism. Following the adjournment of the inquiry that should have put paid to this illegal quarrying once and for all, most of those present felt that it was long overdue that the PDNPA did something more than organise meetings with MPs and the like. The consensus seemed to be that a Stop Notice should be served immediately on Merriman Quarrying. While it's well understood that this course of action has inherent dangers, the peril in doing nothing is that Merriman may begin to work areas higher on Longstone Edge. The visual impact of such quarrying cannot be overstated and a significant Peak District landmark would be besmirched forever. Unwilling to forewarn Merriman's, John Lomas of the Peak Park was cautious about giving any details but admitted that they are looking at a number of options. How much longer can we wait for action when the quarrymen are destroying the Peak District?

The PDNPA is meeting with the minister for rural affairs on the 7th December. It is imperative that climbers and walkers let the government know the strength of feeling within our community over the illegal quarrying at Backdale.
If you wish to make your feelings known about this then please write to:
Jim Knight, Minister for Rural Affairs, Landscape and Biodiversity, Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P3 JR

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