Tyler Landman repeats Moon's Voyager V13/8b

As usual Irish Si is on the ball with this short but on the money news flash reported on on Sunday, "News flash!! Tyler Landman repeated Ben's Voyager 8B today...... i have no more to say. 3 sessions." To which Andi_e replied on the forums, "Lock up your projects lads, Tyler Landman has repeated Ben Moon's problem Voyager V13/8b at Burbage North. This has only been up for a few months as well! He got it in three sessions too."

Ben Moon who is trying the sit-start to Voyager reports at that "Tyler found a different way of doing Voyager which I think makes it a little easier but he still seemed to think it was 8b but like me agrees it's a little easier than The Ace."

It was only only in early February that Tyler Landman repeated another stout Font 8b, the Ace at the Stanage Plantation.

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