Reclusive Boulderer 'PC' locates motherlode on Mallorca

Deep-water soloing, sport climbing, beautiful mountains, and bouldering, Mallorca has it all. We've just received a report from the reclusive and lonesome boulderer 'Pimp Crimp' (PC) of a new bouldering area on the island 10km west of Pollenca where PC reports there is 'loads of development potential and some superb existing lines.'

PC continues,

"The Son Marc Valley boulders reside in a beautiful hanging valley at the head of the large sweeping bows of the main Son Marc Valley (Vall De Son Marc), just off the Pollenca to Soller road. The boulders are of the finest weather worn limestone and whilst there was a little evidence of previous development (primarily on the Champiñon bloc and Death Star Roof) the boulders, despite their obvious quality, seem to have escaped the onslaught of a full scale development program."

No bullshit either, several climbers have been out to check out the Son Marc Valley boulders and have returned with glowing reports.

PC has even written a pdf guide to this area and if you are heading out to Mallorca soon you can access the guide via the Mallorca Bouldering Blogspot (right here, right now)

Word! Keep it clean out there, no fag ends, litter or tp. This is a pristine area and let's keep it that way.

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