Usobiaga Onsights Second 8c

Patxi Usobiaga onsighted his second 8c, Pata Negra (Rodellar, Spain), on October 7. This 120-foot, steep, endurance route was first onsighted by Czech climber Tomás Mrázek in September 2005.

Usobiaga, a Basque climber, made the third ascent of Chris Sharma's Realization (9a+) on July 29, 2004. Last October (2005), Usobiaga onsighted Gaua (8c) in Lezian, Spain. And in July of 2005, he sent — within five tries — Kinematix (9a) in Gorge du Loup, France.

Patxi has onsighted 13 8b+ routes or harder and is the leader of the 2006 World Cup season (and winner of the 2005 World Games).

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15 Oct, 2006
Sorry to intrude, I thought you meant the other type of basque power! i.e. the type that also turns mens legs to jelly!
15 Oct, 2006
Impressive indeed!
16 Oct, 2006
What`s he ever done on... i mean, yes, very impressive.