Gravity Magazine Turns Shade of Green

This year two of the USA's climbing magazines, Alpinist (read press release) and Climbing (read press release), changed to printing on recycled paper. Now it is the turn of the UK's newly launched Gravity magazine (website) to turn a shade of green. Whilst they aren't at this time using recycled paper they are using a printer with an excellent environmental commitment. Brian Darby Gravity's editor issued the following press release:

"We have changed the printing firm we use for a more efficient, greener printer. In competition with printers nationwide Buxton Press has this year won Environmental Company of Year and Printing Company of the Year. This follows their result of being Highly Commended as Environmental Printer of the Year at the Printing World Awards and Highly Commended for Best Environmental Printer.

We, like many other magazines, are very aware that we hold a duty to the environment due to the large amount of paper and inks we use and that this unattended fact could become very damaging. We explored fully the possibility using recycled paper but found the actual quality was left wanting and the amount of chemicals used and pollution made during the recycling process all but counteracted the benefit. We then set about looking for alternative solutions, which ultimately led to a better outcome. Buxton Press, our new printers, have environmental issues at the top of their agenda and are working their way through an implemented £12 million investment plan not only ensuring that they solely use sustainable forestry but also reducing their carbon footprint at all turns. We feel this is the more beneficial way forward for the planet and will allow us to continue using the best quality paper for Gravity magazine. "

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