Friday Night Video: Alpine Gear and a Video Guidebook

In 2005, American climbers, Steve House and Vince Anderson made an historic ascent of the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan in an impressive six-day alpine-style ascent of what is widely regarded as the largest wall in the Himalaya (4000m+). House and Anderson won the XVth Piolet d'Or for this ascent.

Want to know what gear they took with them? What ropes? Ice Axes? Cams? Even what camera? And importantly why?

Steve House explains all in this 15 minute video CLICK HERE

From big alpine walls to little limestone caves in the South Lakes. Greg Chapman gives us a guided tour of the steep boulder problems at Tom's Roof, Woodwell.

Watch it, save it, then load it on your Video iPod and take to Woodwell: Woodwell Video Guidebook HERE

If you need a print guide as well, Chapman provides with this pdf guide to Woodwell: Woodwell pdf Guidebook HERE

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