Friday Night Video: Slacklining and Scottish Winter

"Keep your fingers crossed," says Timmy O'Neil, the American climber, slackliner, big wall speed climber, stuntman and aspiring comedian...come on he's American and doesn't get irony! But he can balance on a rope hundreds of feet from the desert floor. If you've ever fancied slacklining, give this a look. This clip - it will take your breath away - is from the climbing film, Return to Sender. Click HERE

Nice of him to wear a hemet cam'.

Before you know it, you'll be grabbing one of these.

If you want a bit more homegrown action, yes a home movie, Gareth Marshall put this together, Scottish Winter Climbing, Chasing The Cold.

Gareth wrote:

"Its not very good, but it cost absolutely nothing, all being shot on the video setting of my little Fuji digital automatic camera and edited on Microsoft Movie Maker. It might only be of interest to me and my friends, but......"

I thought it was bloody brilliant. Music is good to.

Missing winter on the Ben already, click HERE, you'll be able to relate.

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