BMC Bolt Giveaway Bonanza: North Wales Hits The Jackpot!

The BMC is giving away £10,000 worth of bolts and lower offs to local Bolt Funds! Where are they going to then? The Better Bolts Campaign Panel consists of:

Pat Littlejohn, BMC Vice-President
Rab Carrington, BMC Vice-President
Steve McClure
Dave Turnbull, BMC Chief Exec.
Dan Middleton, BMC Technical Officer

After a meeting earlier this week, they decided to give bolts to:

  • North Wales Bolt Fund: 1,395 bolts 18 lower offs
  • Yorkshire Bolt Fund: 437 bolts 56 lower offs
  • Gary Gibson, Peak: 167 bolts 16 lower offs
  • Cheshire & Merseyside Bolt Fund: 50 bolts 5 lower offs *
  • Peak Bolt Fund: 240 bolts 20 lower offs
  • Cumbria Bolt Fund: 65 bolts 2 lower offs
  • Dorset Bolt Fund: 126 bolts 22 lower offs
  • SE Wales Bolt Fund: 20 bolts 11 lower offs*

    * Pending approval of local BMC area

    These bolts are for like-for-like replacement only, and all projects have been approved by the local BMC area.

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