SAT NIGHT VIDEO: Double Feature

Momentum Video Magazine (MVM) is a collaboration of some of the USA's top climbing filmmakers.

Realising that there is strength in numbers in our relatively small climbing community Mike Call , Brian Solano, Chuck Fryberger, Josh Lowell, Paul Dusatko and Peter Mortimer have banded together and are highlighting, by film, cutting edge climbing and climbing lifestyle including; bouldering, sport climbing, top end traditional climbing, something they call new school deep water soloing, and the obligatory 'more'.

Mike Call (executive producer/segment editor) says that,

"Our producers are spread across the US to better handle the up to date activities of the top athletes in the game. We shoot on the best gear available, and produce at a level required for broadcast TV.

Each month, we will launch between 8 and 10 segments that run between 2 and 6 minutes. Each one will be tightly edited, focused and exciting footage of the widest variety of mountain sports activities ever seen."

He isn't kidding either. If you've been surfing the web a while you may also recognise some contributors from the old, but sadly deceased, that was very popular and very good.

If you go to the bottom of the contents page and choose an issue, of which there are four, you can view the rich content they have available. The first three have expired but issue 4 is chocker block full of pure climbing fun.

Click here:

9a+ has been a big topic this week (see earlier news reports and threads) with Steve McClure's success at Malham Cove. No videos or photos yet, although Keith Sharples writes that he has the pics and Rich Heap of Slackjaw has the video footage. Maybe available soon. may have seen this before, but it is always worth viewing again. From Josh Lowell's Big Up Productions and Dosage Series (number one), Chris Sharma on Realization 9a+. You can almost feel what it takes!!!!!

Click here: Sharma Realization Video

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