Grimer Repeats Overshadow, E11 and various Dunne/Birkett E10's

Niall Grimes writes:

"We asked in Edinburgh for that E11 but no one knew then Steve remembered it was Glasgow lol but we got there. We did a load of new boulder problems at Dumbarton and I called it Raiders are here Lock Up You Scotch Women. I thought it was hard maybe Font V16 might get Sharma or Fred over check it out. Then we did E11 didn't find it too bad. At the top desperate sequence. I went left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand right hand, left hand right hand. Steve recorded it all on his phone as we are going to release a video. We did one before called it SOFT GRIT LOL

That night we slept on a benck but some man weed on Steve and told him that he was a £$%^. Will post pix up on UKC last time one got a three and Ian and Simon all liked it when I asked them........

Then the Lakes. MAN I HATE WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but did that John Dunnes E10. I agree with Birkett was easy for the grade I thought E9 maybe but say nothing. The crag was all wet streaks made it feel E10 mate. Had a pair of those new Prana pants were most excellent worked really well on the crux. Dave says I should get sponsored but I have a kinda deal with Red Chili and don't want to upset Stefan. Emailed Leo to tell him I'd done it good to keep the lakes boys on thir toes not heard back yet told him i thought Lakes boys were soft it was E7 lol"

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