Some Words About Mountain Photography by Gordon Stainforth

On August 5th the BBC broadcast episode two of Mountain hosted by Griff Rhys Jones ( This episode featured Griff attempting to climb Napes Needle and talking to mountain photographer and author, Gordon Stainforth ( profile) about mountain photography, including a fruitless wait for good atmospherics and light high on a Lakeland fell.

This series has provoked much discussion at the forums.

You can read a transcript of what Gordon said about mountain photography here

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10 Aug, 2007
It was my birthday on the 5th. Don't think I could have focussed on anything like a TV ;-)
10 Aug, 2007
Gordon's photo of Kipling Groove (not really a photo of Kipling Groove at all! By which I mean it's 'much more' than that..) is superb - it conveys a sense of the grandeur, beauty, and indifference of the mountains (The Sublime?).
10 Aug, 2007
That's pure cant you kant. How can a mountain be indifferent?
10 Aug, 2007
Depends on which way you've sat on it.
10 Aug, 2007
Hmm, I fail to comprehend how a mountain can be anything other than indifferent?
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