VIDEO: The Future Of Bouldering Videos?

In Ashley Lewis's review of the Swedish bouldering video, Swedish Meatballs published this morning at (read it here), he asked what is the future of bouldering videos? He wrote:

"No matter how popular bouldering becomes, for the large part, it remains dull to watch, this is especially the case when dealing with climbers or problems you are not already familiar with to give context to the action. Then again the same could have been said about climbing films 20 years ago and then along came Stone Monkey to show what could be done in the right hands. I don't know what the next step is for bouldering films, that's why I'm sat here criticising rather than doing, but I'd like to think that someone will come along to soon to redefine the genre."

Is this the answer to Ashley's question: Petzl Navalameca 70's - the movie !

Peace, bro!

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