Steve McClure - Bad Ass

"250 routes at 8a
124 routes at 8a+
64 routes at 8b
24 routes at 8b+ two of which were onsight
22 routes at 8c
7 routes at 8c+

and six routes at the magic grade of that is a lot of climbing," so says Alastair Lee.

"We are all a bunch of club runners and Steve McClure is an olympic athlete," so says Dave Birkett.

The above from the introduction to the Magic Numbers section, a portrait of Steve McClure, from Alastair Lee's new climbing film PSYCHE.

And now Steve has impressed even more, Lucy Creamer at the BMC reports,

"The news on the ground is that Steve McClure, former British Lead Champion, has flashed all the routes in the Foundry round of the BMC Leading Ladder. Being competition routes, they are a tough style and this is no mean feat. Congratulations to Steve."

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