Helvellyn - Avalanche Warning

5-day Forecast for the Lake District

Produced by The Met. Office, Manchester Weather Centre

Issued: Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

There is snow and ice at all levels this increase in depth with height with drifts of 50cm at 900m. Where the wind has blown the snow from the path the ground and rocks are covered in verglas (Ice). The summit area is covered in ice and small amounts of snow, the snow on the east face is mainly made up of windslab, this is not bonding to the surface due to it being frozen.

Extreme care should be taken on steep east facing aspects, there is a high Avalanche risk until the snow pack has time to consolidate. The cornice on the east side of Helvellyn this is weakly bonded and should be avoided. The still air temperature today was -3.9c and a wind chill of -15.9c. Full winter clothing, footwear and equipment, including ice axe and crampons are recommended for anybody venturing above the snowline, and are essential if on steep ground. None of the winter climbs on Helvellyn are in condition at the moment PLEASE give it a couple of days for the snow to consolidate before climbing.

General Situation

A strong, cold, showery west or southwesterly airflow will cover the Lake District today.

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