Pou Brothers complete 7 Walls Challenge

As a climax to their Seven Walls - Seven Continents project, the Pou brothers have just climbed an important new route on the Antarctic Peninsula. In a twenty-four-hour round trip from their base camp in the Lemaire Channel, Eneko and Iker Pou, with Jabi Baraiazarra, made the first ascent of the Three Pigs via a route they have named Azken Paradisua, a 400-meter rock wall followed by 200 meters of mixed and ice terrain to the summit mushroom.

The Pou brothers conceived the idea of the the Seven Walls - Seven Continents project in 2002, when they decided to travel to each of the world's seven continents and free climb a significant rock wall that was representative of the land they were in. This Antarctic climb is the last on the list, with other impressive routes climbed since the project started in 2003.

Read the full details with info on all seven routes on the Alpinist Website.

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