Tremadog Festival Report

The second Tremadog Festival went ahead this weekend with great success, with around 80 climbers turning up to give the crag a spring clean, which resulted in 40 climbs seeing a snip and tuck. Most people either cleaned then climbed or vice versa, meaning that everyone there got on at least one route.

The festival was supported by the BMC, V12, DMM, Joe Brown's, Hot Aches, Ground Up, Climbers' Club and Eric's Cafe and almost everyone there seemed to get a raffle prize, and a share of the three barrels of Purple Moose brewery ale. Of course an event like this wouldn't have worked without all the climbers that arrived suitably tooled up. Finally, if it wasn't for Mike Raine the BMC Wales area chair organising the event nothing would have happened.

Much of the information gleaned from the event will hopefully make its way into the proposed new Climbers' Club guide for the area, that the leading man from the publications sub-committee, promises will be out before you know it. If you have any comments of description of routes in the current guide, or suggestion for stars then visit

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