Video, Video, Video .. What Do you Think?

We should have a video channel at and that may happen this year. At the moment we can embed YouTube video into articles and advertisers can use them in Premier Posts. It would be nice to be able to use a larger format and we are investigating that.

Meanwhile, we have hired the young filmmaker, Dave Gill, to do some editorial videos for us (see a profile and video of Dave's HERE). We travelled to the DMM factory on Monday and filmed, "The making of a karabiner" which Dave is busy editing today. Next up is a visit to Lyon Equipment in Dent who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Petzl belay device, the Reverso3. When they do get it Dave and myself will nip over to Dentdale and film the Lyon Equipment gear heads giving us the low down on this device.

Dave has also started to do work for climbing companies. Here is short video shop tour of the Ambleside climbing emporium, Lakes Climber, you can view, Lakes Climber - THE MOVIE HERE and it looks like someone has just found Lakes Climber - THE SEQUEL!!!!


In the next two weeks we are running two competitions, a Lyon Equipment Design competition and a Prana Photographic competition. Both will last a month. We then have a climbing video competition planned for the summer. More details soon.

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