VIDEO: On Sight - Have You Got The Balls For It?

I thought that Alastair Lee of Posing Productions had gone off our radar. Not like him.

The reason? He's been busy racing all over the UK, Ireland and Iceland filming climbers for his latest project, then back to his editing suite to put the hours in.

So you've seen enough pre-practiced headpoints and redpoints where the outcome is usually certain? His latest climbing film is going back to basics......... here's the press release... but before that here's a link to a teaser - it's a manifesto in its own right!

View the On Sight trailer HERE


"On Sight is a gripping adventure into the world of cutting edge rock and ice climbing documenting what is possible with a ground up, no pre-practice approach resulting in raw, compelling and often frightening footage. The climbers in this film aren't necessarily the strongest but they have the biggest kahooners(!); willing to take a 30 foot fall for the ultimate on sight ascent.

In the age of indoor gym climbing and pre-practiced ascents, On Sight gets back to the basics of climbing, the simple game of getting to the top using only your strength, skill and bottle! The risky game where you stand to loose so much more than you could hope to gain.

On Sight features an all star cast in spectacular locations on extraordinary routes produced in stunning High Definition.

Climbers include; Pete Robbins, James McHaffie, Leo Houlding, Adam Long, Ricky Bell, Dave Birkett, Steve McClure, Lucy Creamer, Mary Jenner, Ian Parnell, Neil Gresham, Jordan Buys, Sonnie Trotter, Dave Pickford, Ben Bransby, Jack Geldard, Jon Winters, Neil Dickson..... as well as insightful commentary by veterans of the game like Mick Fowler, Johnny Dawes and Andy Perkins.

On Location in – Iceland (Ian Parnell and Neil Gresham ice climbing at Kaldakinn), Madagascar (James McHaffie and Jack Geldard adventure big walling), Ireland (Ricky Bell amazing first ascents on the huge Fairhead seacliffs), Scotland (insane winter climbing with Ian Parnell and Jon Winters), North Wales (Welsh Slate and sea cliffs), England's fabled Gritstone (Pete Robbins and Jordan Buys take big falls on the grit), Colorado (Sonnie Trotter attempts Sphinx Crack), further venues and climbers to be confirmed....

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