Lyon Banner Comp and Prana Photo Comp: Your Choices

The Lyon Equipment: Sportiva/Beal/Petzl Design Competition had 54 entries. You can see them all here in the right hand column. Frank Bennett and Paul Cornthwaite of Lyon Equipment are the judges but to help, please choose your favourites and link to them at this thread: Topic - LYON EQUIPMENT BANNER COMPETITION: Your Choices

The prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial Expressions had 326 entries which you can view here, by the order they were submitted, or by votes given.

To help the judges, prAna founder Beaver Theodosakis, European prAna Bruno De Muynck and prAna UK's Lucy Ham of Beyond Hope, choose your favourites and link them at this thread: Topic - prAna PHOTO COMP: Climbing Facial Expressions: Your Choices

The winners of both competitions will be announced in July.

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