Rhapsody - "a wee gem for locals with nice moves"

With lots of interest in Rhapsody, Dave MacLeod's magnum opus at Dumbarton Rock, Dave has written what are arguably his most frank words about this route.

Recently the Canadian Sonnie Trotter and a raiding party from the South comprising of Steve McClure, James Pearson and John Dunne have all been on the route and have all made various comments, both publicly and privately, about the line, its quality and the grade of this route which has been given a hypothetical onsight grade of E11, the first time ever.

Dave MacLeod says on his blog:

"Talking of which, I read that folk have been disappointed that Rhapsody has an escape line at a couple of points. I was disappointed with this also when I was working on it, but hey sometimes you can't have everything. It's got good moves, good rock, good difficulty and good situation even if the line is not 100% perfect. What it really is, is a wee gem for locals with nice moves. It's not important anyway – if it appeals to the climber, they will climb it or otherwise..."

You can read more at including good commentary by Dave on his progress on his current Ben Nevis project on Echo Wall.

See the earlier news report at, May 23: Rhapsody E11 - "An Eliminate"

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