Tyler Landman: Short work of Nicole test-pieces

Tyler Landman has dispatched two hard and famous problems in one session:

"One large boulder sits in the woods, holding many hard test-pieces established by Fred Nicole in the 90s. I was especially interested in two of them; La Danse des Balrogs - the worlds first 8B, put up in 1992, and Radja - the worlds first 8B+, created in '96. These historical rights of passage had always appealed to me and I finally had a chance to try them..."

La Danse des Balrogs (Font 8b):

"I proceeded to spend a couple minutes sorting the end moves, and then satched it up a couple goes later. I was certainly not expecting the problem to go that quickly, but then again the boulder's powerful and burly nature does play to my strengths."

Radja (Font 8B+):

"I figured out the moves and after twenty minutes or so felt it was time to start from the bottom...."

Writes Tyler Landman. More details on the Moon Blog

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