COMP: Keith Sharples - Be in My Calendar Competition

Every year Keith Sharples (Keith Sharples Photography), the photojournalist and climber, publishes a climbing calendar and this year is no different.....well actually it is a little different!

This year are one of Keith's sponsors, each page has a climbing business as a sponsor of a particular month. It's expensive producing calendars for a small sport such as climbing!

Keith has come up with a great idea. Rather than have some sponsored climbing hero featuring on the page, (there will be plenty of famous climbers featured in the calendar), Keith suggested that a climber who can answer some simple questions can be the subject of's page in his calendar, climbing:09.

You do have to be an experienced climber. You must lead routes of VD standard and upwards on outdoor crags on a regular basis and your mate must also be a competent climber and belayer. And you must be available mid-late August through early September. Venue: North Wales, the Lake District or the Pennines.

OK, let's have at it. Answer the questions and send them tout de suite to Keith. Closing date is Midnight on Saturday 17th August.

Everything is explained, in detail, here: Keith Sharples - Be in My Calendar Competition

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