Nic Sellers Slays Pembroke Vampire

Nic Sellers gives an account of his recent head-point repeat of Ben Bransby's Chupacabra at Pembroke on the DMM Website. Originally graded an intimidating E9 6c and first climbed in 1998, it takes the wall right of Witch Hunt in Huntsman's Leap. A Chupacabra is a legendary creature, most commonly reported as reptile-like with the habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, particularly goats.

Sellers' ascent is the fourth ascent after Ben Bransby, Steve McClure and Neil Mawson. The route has now settled at E8 6c.

"On my 1st attempt I felt unusually jittery as I left the cave on Witch Hunt. As I climbed further from the gear the shakes got worse culminating in a 60ft lob from half way up the head wall. There was definitely time to think. Rain then halted play, fortunately."

Read the full account on the DMM Website

Nic is sponsored by DMM and Boreal

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