Skyler Weeks - Huge New Dyno

Dyno World-record holder Skyler Weeks has completed a first ascent of a huge new dyno problem in America. The problem named Zion is tentatively graded V13 and is one of the largest and hardest 'jug to jug' dynos in the World.

Chuck Fryberger comments on his website:

Skyler has taken dyno climbing somewhere it hasn't been before... to him it's not really a party trick for gym sessions or for laughs. Get this: He trains alongside the Denver Nuggets. His vertical leap is over 30" which is pretty good even by NBA standards...”

Zion, which is around 2.6 metres in length has awkward foothold positions making it more difficult to leap. Given that the record Skyler set recently at the Cliffhanger competition in Sheffield was 2.65 metres, Zion is obviously very hard and a very big dyno.

Source: Chuck Fryberger's Blog

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