Ultimate American Climbs List - 100 routes to do!

Chris McNamara founder of the guidebook company and website is thinking of compiling and publishing a US classic climbs book and has published the provisional list on his forums for comment.

Even if he doesn't go ahead, he has yet to decide, this is some 'tick' list and if you are heading Stateside (I know the £ is weak at the moment) you would be wise to save this list.

It was Steve Roper and Allen Steck who started the big climbing tick lists books, in the USA at least, with their 1979 book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America; you can see that list of routes : here and it was Roper and Steck who partly inspired the UK's Ken Wilson to publish his Classic, Hard and Extreme Rock books (Extreme Rock is in the process of being reprinted we have been told).

The list begins....

Alaska Range Eye Tooth Dream in the Spirit of Mugs
Alaska Range Mt. Barrill Cobra Pillar
Alaska Range Denali Cassin Ridge
Alaska Range Denali West Buttress
Alaska Range Royal Tower Gargoyle Buttress

Cochise Stronghold Chochise Dome What's My Line
Cochise Stronghold Sheepshead Peacemaker
Granite Mountain?

You can see the rest of the list on the forum topic associated with news report, clink the link below.

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