7b+ flash, what's the hype?!

Alex Honnold, one of the very best and most low key climbers out there, has made fast work of, as in flashing, two of UK's proud E8's, The end of the affair (TEOTA) and Gaia, both given E8 6c.
In the case of TEOTA it was the 2nd ever flash and for Gaia it was the first, taking Alex, who'd seen an ascent of the route on TV, three minutes to dispatch. Oh yeah, E-grades... These ascents are very big news in the UK, and perhaps rightly so, but as physical climbing achievents? Well, Alex reckons they're worth 7b and 7b+... Even if they're both scary and all that, come ON, there are loads of people who onsight 7b+'s as warm ups every day! What's up with this?! 8a I could understand, but 7b? Stack a bunch the pads and go highballing. After all, how far above the deck is the crux anyway?

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