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Getting it right

The LowDown: DW in Hueco  © UKC News

DW in Hueco

Loking down the Striding Edge, Helvellyn  © Michael Ryan

Winter Conditions

Dave MacLeod on the first ascent of Knuckleduster F8b  © Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod - Spanish Holiday: F8c+, F8c, F8b+, F8b & F8b First Ascent

Evilution, Buttermilk  © Mick Ryan -

E8 Ground Up at the Buttermilk

George Smith - Upside Down Wales  © Ray Wood


Ali as he nails the crux move on End of the Affair  © Am Santhirasenan

Video 3 Team America climb End of the Affair - E8 6c

The LowDown: Ninja beta  © UKC News

Ninja beta

The LowDown: Grading is difficult  © UKC News

Grading is difficult

ukc job alert  © UKC News

Patagonia UK: Sales Representative

one of the Americans about to fall off the crux  © Wft

Video 2 Kevin Jorgeson - Ground-Up, Parthian Shot E9

Carlo on his sends

Kevin Jorgeson above the slider on The Promise  © Kevin Jorgeson

Exclusive Videos Team America On The Grit

Ned Feehally, youngest ever BBC champion  © Keith Sharples

Big Saturday for Stanage - Ned Feehally & Ryan Pasquill

North face of Phari Lapcha, Snotty's Gully  © John Bracey

Turner and Thacker Repeat Snotty's Gully, 1000m M5+

The LowDown: The Kind kid in the form of his life  © UKC News

The Kind kid in the form of his life

The LowDown: Another story by Traversi  © UKC News

Another story by Traversi

Adam Noble on Gully 2  © Michael Ryan

Lakes Ice Report

George Smith - Upside Down Wales  © Ray Wood

Comedy Quiz With George Smith - THE ANSWERS!

David Gottlieb climbing on the south face of Kang Nachugo.  © Joseph Puryear

Kang Nachugo 6,735m - First Ascent

Nice triple by Carlo Traversi

Ian Smith reads Descent in to Darkness at Kendal 2008  © Henry Iddon

UKC Writing Competition - Winners Announced!

BMC HQ, Manchester. Even the BMC have a web shop now.  © UKC News

UKC Special Offers - first up, The BMC Shop

Aide Jebb completes Evil Gazebo (E6, 7a) on Stanage  © Paul Forster

Local News Aide Jebb, New route on Stanage, E6 7a

Ian Burton (HD cameraman), Alastair Lee and Sir Chris Bonington  © Mick Ryan


Condensing of the grades?

Andy Kirkpatrick and Tim Noble - Excorcising Demons  © Mick Ryan -

Andy Kirkpatrick Wins Boardman - Tasker Prize .."Grips the heart"

Alastair Lee collects......  © Mick Ryan -

On Sight - Double Award at Kendal MF

Jorgeson makes 2nd ascent of The Groove

Solo or just a highball

Kevin Jorgeson Repeats Almost All Of The Groove - Cratcliffe  ©

Kevin Jorgeson On The Groove - Cratcliffe

Alex Honnold - Tops Out on London Wall O/S Solo  © Alex Messenger

Alex Honnold - Masters Edge On Sight & London Wall O/S Solo

Kevin Jorgeson makes the second ascent of The Groove at Cratcliffe  ©

Kevin Jorgeson Repeats (most of) The Groove - Cratcliffe

The LowDown: Jorgeson and Honnold free solos Meshuga!  © UKC News

Jorgeson and Honnold free solos Meshuga!

The LowDown: Honnold on the UK scene  © UKC News

Honnold on the UK scene

The LowDown: AD and the grade  © UKC News

AD and the grade

Kevin Jorgeson falling off Gaia at Black Rocks  © Kevin Jorgeson collection

Jorgeson decks off Gaia and two solos of Meshuga!

The LowDown: Unfinished business: Finished  © UKC News

Unfinished business: Finished

British tech part II

The LowDown: Open air, Sharma and Huber  © UKC News

Open air, Sharma and Huber

British tech

On the Kuffner at sunrise with an inversion just below  © Jon Griffith

Anyone can press the shutter, but only the talented can take a photograph

Tyler's hot

Alex Huber on Open Air  © Alex Huber

Adam Ondra - Open Air - His Hardest Yet

The Rostrum  © Mark Kroese,

Potter Solos In Yosemite With BASE parachute rig

ignorant idiot

Metolius Splash  © Metolius

Metolius Comp 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

Nuptse at sunset from Kala Pathar  © nicholas Barrowclough

Bold new route on Nuptse South

Andy Parkin  © Andy Parkin

Video Kendal Countdown: Andy Parkin Film

E Grade Talk: Jens Larssen and James Pearson

Alex Honnold On Parthian Shot  © Dan Lane

Team America Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Here

Honnold's on

Alex Honnold climbing Gaia E8 6c

Marmot Photo 1  © Marmot UK

Watch All The MARMOT "On Sight" Film Competition Clips

7b+ flash, what's the hype?!

George Smith - Upside Down Wales  © Ray Wood

Friday Night Video - Comedy Quiz with George Smith

FREE James Pearson Poster with December CLIMB, Lectures, market research, commercial notices Premier Post, 1 weeks at £25  © karend

The Great British Grade Debate – supported by the BMC

Alex Honnold  © Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold - Gaia - E8 - Virtually On Sight

Difficulty, trad and sport

UKC Logbooks 100,000 routes  © UKC News

100,000 Routes in UKC Logbook - Franco Cookson

Fredrik Ericsson  © Fredrik Ericsson

High Altitude Skiing from Swedish Expert

Committed Two DVD cover  © Hot Aches

Banff Film Festival - UK Films Scoop Prizes

The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek, by Sid Marty. Award presented by Andrea Petzhold.  © UKC News

Banff Book Festival - Winners Announced

Ed on Lou Ferrino V10, Parisellas cave  © Sam Hamer

Local News Hamer Smashes North Wales Problems

Leah Crane on Carnage, Fontainebleau  © Ben Pritchard

Leah Crane - Font 7c in Font

Durif climbs 8c/+

Lofoten Rock Rockfax Cover  © Rockfax

Rockfax Wins at Banff, Harlin says "Perfect"

Jordan Buys on French Duke, Earl Crag  © Al Lee - Posing Productions

Video Jordan Buys - French Duke - E9 7a

Who's that famous chap with the shirt on? Mick Ryan of course!  © Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC

Alex Huber on the extraordinary talent of Sharma and Ondra

New Craggy Island Bouldering Centre - London  © Craggy Island

London – The Best Place to Climb in the UK?

Dan Varian walks all over Welsh Rarebit/Waite Font 7c at Caley Roadside  © Kevin Avery

Dan & Ned - Peak District Toy Boys

Sea King Mk5 from Prestwick supporting  Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team on a call-out.  © Heybaz

UKC/OMM/FRA Mountain Rescue Donations approach £10,000

Barack Obama  © Barack Obama


Are grades important?

George Ullrich first look at Caution E8  © Mick Ryan -

Video Call It Want You Want...Kendal Premiere

Ondra's hardest routes

Zion video

Smashed Bolt  © Joe Kinder

Election Day Blues: Bolts Smashed In The USA

Adam Taylor's story

Honnold makes 3rd ascent of The Promise

The lowdown

The Zion

Alex Honnold  © Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold repeats The Promise: Who is he?

Jordan Buys  © Naomi Buys

Jordan Buys; A New E8 at Earl Crag, Yorkshire

Steve McClure on Mecca  © Alastair Lee/

New Thing At Raven Tor by Steve McClure: 9a+? Maybe.


Valerie Parkinson on the summit of Manaslu   © Phil Crampton

Valerie Parkinson - Manaslu Without Oxygen

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