The Zion

About the Zion-dyno, speculated to be among the hardest in the world, Skyler Weekes, who made the AF, tells me
"I really dont care to rate any of my problems and just
don't really care about ratings in general. I
climb/dyno purely because for me its just what I love
to do. Hanging out with friends on an amazing day in
the woods is my idea of heaven. Zion took me so long
because for every day but the last (when Chuck was there
filming) I was trying to go up right hand first, when
I tried left hand first I nailed it within 5-10 tries.
I never asked for anybody to speculate the grade, but
apparently they did so anyway. I REALLY don't think that
this can be 8C+ and really don't care what it is. It may
be the world's hardest, maybe not, but it really meant
something special to me when everything came together."
Sometimes things get blown out of proportion entirely...

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