Tyler's hot

Tyler Landman is tearing everything up, usual style. After dispatching Practice of the wild a while back, the weather hasn't been cooperating though, so not much has been going down. A couple of days ago however, he made typically fast work, as in 1 hour, of Boogalagga, 8B, commenting: "you know what's next". Thing is, I don't... Figuring he might be talking about From dirt grows the flowers, Dave G's unrepeated 8C, I asked him. Turns out, this was not the case: Have not tried it, not sure if I will. Not very inspired by it. Nasty moves + holds and not the best line. I have two projects I am very psyched to do. Both are world class and will be 8C , all I need is temps to achieve. We shall see what happens."
So, if anyone would have read this, this would be where he read it first...

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