Winter Conditions

During the winter months the Winter Climbing forums are the most visted forums at Lots of keen climbers sharing advice, ideas, route recommendations, experiences, best gear suggestions, latest conditions and the odd ethical debate.

Just today there are conditions thread topics about Lakeland conditions, Nowt doing in't gorms, Snowed In, Brecon's, Snow in Arrochar.

If you have been out and about, and have a camera with you, snap some pics and file a report, doubly good if it just before the weekend: most work Monday to Friday, and escape at weekends.You can file a report here or just post on the Winter Climbing forums.

Please no commercial links to Guides' websites. Contact us if you are a guide and want to post conditions reports.

Today in the Lakes was lovely, although true winter climbing conditions are lacking at the moment. Tomorrow will see more temperature inversions and feezing conditions, with wintery showers forecast for this week.

If you need some inspiration, here are some photos I took this morning:

Wherever you are, if you can, get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

If possible, get an early start to avoid the crowds

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