It's Catalunya time!

Western Catalunya is where you're supposed to be if you want to watch hard sportclimbing this time of year. Andrada, Sharma, Graham, McClure, Mrázek, Ojeda and Puigblanque are already there and the list is constantly growing. So far, Dani has made the FA of yet another 9a, Analogica Natural extension, swiftly repeated by Chris (I could be mistaken here as my Spanish is crap), who's been working his own 9b project. This hasn't stopped him from onsighting the odd 8c (Humildes pa Casa)and 8b+/c (Paper Mullat) in his spare time though.
Meanwhile, Ramonet made the FA of Open your mind directe, at a whopping 9a+.
What's next?
I predict 8c+ onsights and 9b redpoints in the near future. Watch this space.
Photo: Daila Ojeda

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