Kendal Mountain Festival - Full Report roving reporters have given us the full low-down on this year's Kendal Mountain Festival, with photographs and insights in to the world of climbing media.

Kevin Avery said, "It's that feeling many of us get when we're out in the mountains. "Never again," you might think but within 20 minutes of getting back to the car all the pain and misery is forgotten. Strange bunch aren't we? "

Alan James said, ""Messner delivered a lecture that he had delivered many times before and didn't we know it."

Sarah Clough contemplated, "The author Kurt Vonnegut wrote that human beings are gregarious creatures who are not happy in nuclear families, and that we should surround ourselves with like minded people and 'create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured."

Mick Ryan as usual says too much...

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