Jena Lupia onsights 7C+!

Jena Lupia, only 16, has made the FFA of Sit Twist, a 7C+ at the Temple, NM, first done by Jon Cardwell. Not only was it the first female ascent, but she actually climbed it onsight. I know, it's debatable whether the term onsight exists in bouldering, but let's just say she did it first try without any prior knowledge about how to do it. Jena says: "I have been climbing for about 4 years now! I really enjoy climbing outside. I used to compete a lot but now I am focuding more on the beauty of climbing outside". Josune Bereziartu flashed Schwarzwaldklinik, 7C+, in the Frankenjura a decade ago, but I'm pretty sure no woman has ever flashed or onsighted an 8A. Yet. But who knows what Jena will be capable of in a year or two?!

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