Leo Houlding - Spanish Speed Climbing

Leo Houlding speed climbing on Riglos, 215 kb
Leo Houlding speed climbing on Riglos
© Alastair Lee / Posing Productions
Leo Houlding and Carlos Suarez recently teamed up on the conglomerate towers of Riglos, Spain. They hoped to climb and BASE jump from both towers in under two hours, and narrowly missed their target due to poor visibility on the second jump, completing an ascent and descent of two of the 300m towers in just over two and a half hours.

The climb was a training trip for Leo's 2009 expedition to Mount Asgard, dubbed 'The Asgard Project'. You can read more about his plans in this UKC Outdoor Industry News.

Commenting after the routes in Riglos, Leo said:

"Berghaus team mate, Carlos Suarez and I teamed up to climb together for the first time. After a couple of warm up days we simul-climbed and BASE jumped the ultra classics 'Zulu Demente' on La Vizera and 'Carnivalada' on El Pizon in 2 hours 37 minutes bar to bar (or pub to pub)!

'Zulu' 7a+, 260m took 45 minutes, in 2 pitches of simul-climbing with a 20 m rope. At the top we hastily donned our BASE rigs, composed our nerve and jumped together right from the top out of the climb. We landed right at the start of Carnivalada 7a+, 300 m and simul-climbed it in 1.10 in 3 pitches with another 20 m rope."

BASE jumping from the Riglos Towers, 71 kb
BASE jumping from the Riglos Towers
© Alastair Lee / Posing Productions
The entire Asgard Project is being filmed by Alastair Lee of Posing Productions. You can watch a trailer, including footage of the Riglos speed-climbing on the Posing Productions Website.

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