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A week or so (could be two...) back I got Chuck Fryberger's DVD PURE in the mail. Now it's about time I say something about it. But first a few words about the content.
PURE takes us on six trips to different parts of the world:
- The Rocklands, South Africa, with Nalle Hukkataival and Cody Roth.
Amandla, 8B+, Mooiste Maise, 8B+, Madiba, 8B+, and loads more
- Sonoma county, CA, USA, with Kevin Jorgeson
Free soloing and bouldering. Two words: Mind control
- Fontainebleau, France, with Nalle
The Island, 8C
- The Innsbruck, Austria, posse, Cody Roth, Anna Stöhr, Kilian Fischhuber, Gerhard Hörhager in their hometown, in the Zillertal and on the Vail World Cup.
- Switzerland, Kanton Valais, with Reto Hartmann, Francois Nicole and, to some extent, Fred Nicole
- The RockMaster, Arco, Italy, Magic Wood and Brione, Switzerland, with Nalle Hukkataival, and, playing an unintended cameo part, yours truly.

So, what how did I like it?
Well, slightly biased as I may be (being in it and everything!), I thought it was great. I suppose it's a matter of personal taste, but I like the clean, yes pure if you like, style of the filming. Everything is stylish, almost like in a commercial. The climbing is smooth and looks effortless and the people look good. Especially the Rocklands footage is absolutely stunning. You get the feeling of what the perfect roadtrip would be like, if you were only (a lot) stronger. Good friends, beautiful scenery, unreal bouldering, nice weather... Nalle says he's enjoying his life as a professional climber, and I believe him.
The other parts are good and interesting too, but the first part appealed the most to me.
Here's where to buy. Now do it.

PURE - A Bouldering Flick by Chuck Fryberger OFFICIAL TRAILER from Chuck Fryberger on Vimeo.

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