Zangerl doing Dirt

As you all most probably know by now, Bernd Zangerl did the 2nd ascent of Dave G's From dirt grows the flowers, 8C, at Chironico, a few days ago. Many have tried before, but none have succeeded in linking the crimpy ~8B and the hideous ~8A+ mantle. Dave put up this problem just a couple of months after The story of two worlds, a problem he dubbed the new standard for 8C, back in early 2005. What's interesting is that The story... is now, more or less, considered 8C+. Dave Graham: "Climbers like Daniel Woods are telling me over and over how this boulder must be the standard for 8c+, and I think this is intersting, as i did grade it a rather bizarre manner."
Bernd has told me he'll get back to me about the grade, so stay tuned (no pressure Bernd;). Here's a video of the ascent.

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