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Joe Kinder has finally managed to complete the 'Unforgivable'/'Slaughterhouse 5' - link-up to produce The Re-Up, probably weighing in at 9a as Joe calls it his hardest yet: "When I booted up, and tied in and smacked down the first crux I just went in that mode. The robot, outside the body mode. You all know the one. The feeling when you are just doing each move correctly, man-handling the sequence and your brain (for whatever reason) keeps telling your ass to persevere. And I did. I got through Unfogivable and got to the rest. Rested the best I could, stayed pumped outta my dome and left for the next LONG and SUSTAINED 8b+ section?. Things worked. I battled my way to the top without any ease at all and kissed the rock after I clipped the chains. MY HARDEST YET. 8c/+ to 8b+ route?.minimal rest. VERY happy today."
So, well done man, you've surely earned it!

Post Send Talking....about the Re-Up. from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

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