VIDEO 2: North Face Euro Road Trip: James Pearson and Gaz Parry

James Pearson, Gaz Parry and friends at Buoux or possibly Fontainebleau
The North Face athletes James Pearson and Gaz Parry, with some friends, are on a European road trip. 40 days of climbing, socialising with the European climbing community, giving climbing masterclasses and slideshows at various climbing walls, as well as taking in the sights and culture.

In our first installment (See UKC News: VIDEO 1: North Face Euro Road Trip) they had left the UK, then high tailed it up to Sweden, then Denmark, down to Holland and then Belgium.

After God Save The Queen at Freyr they rediscovered lycra at that well known sport crag Fontainebleau. It was then down to Basque Country and the caves and caverns of Baltzola, near Dima and Black Kongi, 8a+. Then it was to Madrid to deliver a climbing masterclass, then on to the 'in' crag Margalef for another classy 8a. Then Barcelona for another masterclass, a slideshow and socialising. On to the Gorge du Tarn in France where James got his first 8a onsight of the trip. Then it was to Apt and the classic crag Buoux, and the classic 8a, Reve de Papillon. Below is their second video of the trip and there are lots of photos and a full account at their blog.

Video by Keith Bradbury, winner of the Film Clip Competition with his In the Handholds of Greatness

We will be following their progress throughout this trip which ends on May 10th at the MelloBlocco climbing festival in Italy. See UKC News: Need A Holiday? Melloblocco 2009: 21-Apr-09

The North Face Summit Series Road Trip Map

CommunityWalk Map - Summit Series Road Trip

You can follow James and Gaz's progress at

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23 Apr, 2009
I'm REALLY disturbed by that
28 Apr, 2009
Good for that JP chap I say. Seems like the world has quietly gone back to normality and realised that climbing is allowed to be fun, not all about massively big numbers, and always best when served up in lycra.
28 Apr, 2009
Oh, yeah cool video too -some awesome looking lines!
12 May, 2009
LYCRA, ooooooooooooh yeah, grrrr. flippin awesome