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Today Monday, 11th May, you can ask Rob Adie, the BMC's Climbing Walls & Competitions Officer anything you like about climbing walls or competitions, yes even the Olympics.


On the 23rd March we ran a very popular forum question and answer session on Gear with Dan Middleton, the BMC's Technical Officer. Lots of ground was covered and we all benefited from Dan's extensive knowledge and wisdom about climbing equipment.

Now it is Rob's turn to be under the spotlight. Maybe you want to know the ins and outs of how to build a climbing wall or have questions about how much money is spent on competition climbing in the UK and what it is spent on? Concerned about those burred quickdraws down your local wall. Perhaps your area needs a climbing wall? Rob has the answers.

As the BMC's Climbing Walls & Competitions Officer Rob provides advice about climbing wall and competition related issues. He sits on the BMC climbing wall committee and offers climbing wall managers and developer's advice and information, making sure climbing walls are run with the interests of its users as a priority. He is also in charge of competitions, and sits on the BMC competitions committee, is responsible for organising all of our national competitions, and works with the British Teams and the International competition organisations. He previously worked for Entre-Prises Climbing Walls as a designer.  

The amazing curved pillar of Excalibur at the Bjoeks wall in Groningen, the Netherlands., 79 kb
The Excalibur tower at the Bjoeks wall
OK then: Topics to cover and discuss and ponder. 

Climbing Walls

  • Wall development – planning a new facility
  • Design of walls, materials, features etc.
  • Maintenance/Route setting
  • Young Climbers, Climbers with disabilities
  • Management of walls, NICAS, etc
  • Regulations, standards etc.


  • Existing competitions – BBC, BLCC, Leading Ladder etc
  • British Team
  • What competitions climbers would like to see in the future?
  • International competitions, hosting them in the UK
  • Competition climbing becoming an Olympic Sport

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