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I got a very interesting comment, apparently from a friend of the man himself, that I want to highlight:
The standing start [of Brad Pit] was at the time of the first-ascent [of the assis] 8B, so it's logical that the sitdown is a "+" harder ... 
In April we stayed for one week at Bleau: 
Thomas did Dune with a new no-stone-start in 2 hours. Thomas did Kheops assis with many witnesses from a Dutch bouldergroup from the "7+8 guide" 
- Thomas did some new boulders - many more than in the profile - for example: 5m right of Kheops assis is the new sitdownline Shiva.

Go there, look and imagine the energy needed for an ascent ...
He only wants to go climbing /bouldering (and that better you can believe), the numbers are unimportant, what counts is the moment ..

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