Superb Photos This Week

The UKC Photo galleries are looking top-notch this week with a spread of photographs from bouldering to winter climbing.

We have over 80,000 photos in the UKC databases, with around 400 new photos added each week. Galleries are on show from professional photographers such as Alastair Lee and Chris JD, as well as professional standard galleries from expert photographers such as Wee Jamie and Ramon Marin Martinez.

Enough words, lets look at some pictures!

Need some sport climbing inspiration? How about this:

Shadows on Siurana., 125 kb
Shadows on Siurana.
© Sean Murphy, Apr 2009

Sean Murphy's beautiful shot of Siurana is currently in second place in this week's top ten photos list.

  • You can see this week's top ten photos HERE.

Some of my personal favourites this week that haven't made the top ten are:

Malcom's Arete, 109 kb
Malcom's Arete
© Maragmhòraix, Mar 2009

Sunset from Goatfell towards Cir Mhor, Arran, 167 kb
Sunset from Goatfell towards Cir Mhor, Arran
© Mark D, Jul 2008

Character building -- Reverse Cleft at Dewerstone, 188 kb
Character building -- Reverse Cleft at Dewerstone
© Dedbloke, Feb 2009

Thanks to all the UKC photo contributors. When it's raining outside, or when you are chained to the office desk, the UKC photo galleries can offer a ticket to the mountains. Just don't let your boss catch you... Now get back to work!

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