VIDEO: Kryptos Font 8C

Kryptos - Font 8C - Franz Widmer, 51 kb
Kryptos - Font 8C - Franz Widmer
© Franz Widmer
Back in May Franz Widmer climbed the first ascent of Kryptos (Font 8C).

Commenting on The Low Down he described the problem as:

"Kryptos is a problem located in a smaller bouldering area in the Swiss Jura close to Solothurn. Beside a few nice problems that I opened out there it is definitely Kryptos which is the hardest and one of the most beautiful lines...

...It felt not easy and think it is one of the hardest problems I've ever done. That's why I suggest 8C. It's a tough grade as I know. But for me it seems right and I'm open to hear what other people think."

Franz Widmer has climbed several boulders graded Font 8B+ and he recently repeated the very hard problem Entlinge (Font 8C) - see UKC News Item - Entlinge .

Franz has just released a video of the problem on Youtube. This is shown below.

Source: The Low Down

VIDEO: Kryptos Font 8C

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