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Martin Chester of the British Mountain Guides (BMG) is going live on the UKClimbing forums this Friday (19th June) TODAY!.

If you have any questions about becoming a Mountain Guide, hiring a Mountain Guide or even on Alpine climbing in general, Martin will be on hand to give advice and explain how the BMG system works.

He will also be able to give advice and information on anything to do with Plas y Brenin.

Martin is the Publicity Officer for the British Mountain Guides, is chief instructor at Plas y Brenin (The National Mountain Centre) and is an extremely experienced and accomplished climber, skier and mountaineer.

Martin's Q&A session marks the last in our series on Instructor Articles which have covered the full spectrum of climbing and mountaineering awards available in the UK.


Martin's Q&A follows our new article and video - VIDEO: British Mountain Guides (BMG) would like to thank Sarah Stirling for her work on this series and also thank The BMC for the kind use of their videos.

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18 Jun, 2009
We now have the Mountain Guides article (with video) live. You can view it here: VIDEO: Britsh Mountain Guides (BMG)
18 Jun, 2009
have you ever had an application from a 50 year old lady to get into the mountain guide training? Would age be an issue for even getting into the scheme?
19 Jun, 2009
Martin is going live today - he'll be at a computer at 9am. Jack
19 Jun, 2009
What a great question to start off with! Whilst I doubt that we have ever had such an application there is no reason why not. The only 'age issue' is that you must be at least 22yrs of age (and it takes most people many years to gain the pre-requisite experience). We are proud to have had female Guides in the association guiding way beyond 50yrs.
19 Jun, 2009
Hi Martin, I'll kick off... There are a lot of climbers out there that i meet who are interested in becoming a British Mountain Guide. However, they seem to be under the impression that you have to be able to do E5 in big boots and grade VIII with one axe. Other than on the website is there any way for people to get more info? I think that as there are less than 100 British Mountain Guides living in the UK (give or take) people seem to find it difficult to meet them and get the info on the nature of the job and the whole jua de vivre of being a Mountain Guide. (you can see i'm practicing my French there). James Edwards
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