VIDEO: McHaffie & Bullock - "World's Softest Route"

James McHaffie and Nick Bullock have repeated Rubble E7 6a, 6a, 5a

Reported on the DMM Website:

A repeat of an E7 by James McHaffie and Nick Bullock may not seem like 'hold the front page' news by today's standards, but then Rubble is no ordinary route. A clue to the route's nature lies in its name.

It's one of those Gogarth routes with an aura about it. One that hasn't diminished since Paul Pritchard and Leigh McGinley first climbed it in 1991. And one of most obvious lines you'll ever see!

Taking the conglomerate dyke that Concrete Chimney (HVS) avoids, it is described on the Gogarth Wiki as: "The softest route in the world"....

Full report by Ray Wood on the DMM Website

Now with a short video clip:

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