Still vacation

I haven't posted anything lately. Vacation and that. First there was Nice on the French riviera and then there was Stora Blåsjön in the North of Sweden.
Contrasts to say the least!
The first is all about luxury, money and the
beautiful people, the second is all about... tranquility and simplicity. I don't have a problem with either. On the contrary, I think we all need a little of both.
I wrote on Facebook the other day that I was "disconnected from the outside world", which,
obviously, wasn't entirely true at the time, but maybe it was more of a prophecy than a statement as it
came true shortly afterwords. For the last few days, we couldn't get in touch with the outside world.
Mobile phones didn't work, the
landlines didn't work and the internet was down as well.
Slightly discomforting as this meant even 911 (112 in Sweden) was down...
Anyway, I'm not quite finished vacationing yet - going to Lysekil on the Swedish West (some would say best, but I'm not so sure) coast tomorrow. Probably no climbing, but I'll bring the gear and try to make some FA's if it's dry enough.
Next week, the blog will once again be about climbing.
Cheers for now

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