3rd ascent of Erfolg ist trainierbar reclimbed, ~9a

Polish climber, Mateusz Haladaj has made the 3rd ascent of Bernhard Fiedler's Erfolg ist trainierbar reclimbed, ~9a, at Adlitzgraben, Austria.
The route was orginally done by Christian Helma, as an 8b+, in 1995, but after a hold broke a new crux appeared and it became significantly harder. It was reclimbed in 2005 by Berni Fiedler and repeated by Adam Ondra in 2007.
According to both, it's very difficult to grade. Adam: "I am not sure, if it is 11 [9a], because it is frankly speaking one move, where one can fall for a week or to climb on the 2nd attempt."
Mateusz describes it in his 8a scorecard as a "Hard boulderproblem after which 8b+ to the top. Significantly more demanding than 'Biographie' 8c+, in my opoinion."
Photo: Bernhard Fiedler making the FA of 'Erfolg ist trainierbar reclimbed', 9a, by Thomas Bartl

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