First 8c by Siebe Vanhee

Belgium isn't exactly known for its many great crags (can't think of any besides Freyr), but inspite of this fact, it keeps delivering great climbers, and has done for a long time. In fact, the first 8a in Europe and 2nd in the world after Yaniro's Grand illusion, 13 boulevard de vol, at Freyr, was first climbed by Arnould t'Kint in 1981. After him, the list of high class Belgian climbers is long and growing Jean-Paul Finne, Muriel Sarkany, Nicholas and Olivier Favresse, Jérôme de Boeck, Abraham Jérôme, Robin Poelmans and now the new kid on the block, Siebe Vanhee,17, who climbed his first 8c, Les maux de la fin at Gorges du loup, a couple of weeks ago.
Photo: Siebe Vanhee on 'Les maux de la fin', 8c, Gorges du Loup, from Siebe's blog

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