Nice is where the action is

Summer typically means zero to none serious route action in most hot (sorry!) areas in Europe. There are a couple of exceptions to the rule however, one of which is the Gorges de Loup, an hour's drive North from your favourite luxury yacht in Cannes (there is really no good spot to put down your chopper close to the crags I'm afraid).
So, anyway, this is where things have gone down lately. The forever young (thanks to yoga?) Ukranian, Evgeny Krivotseitchev, did Hot chilli beans volcano, 8b+, last week, and picked up his game one notch the other day by climbing Hot chilli X (also done by fellow compatriot Valery Kriukov) and Quosai les Maux de la fine, both 8c.

Belgian Jérôme De Boeck, wanted to climb Total Eclatch, and even though the rock wasn't co-operating (breaking etc.), he managed to succeed. If it's really an FA just cause the route is now a probable 8c+, I don't know. The locals will have to decide.

Talking about locals... Any French success? Well, yes!

Aurel Gelot did his first 8b+, Hot chilli beans volcano and Kévin Aglaé did Zoulmen, 8b+.

All this was stolen from Nice-climb, and as if this wasn't enough this is true also for the photo. Thanks Phil!
Photo: Aurel Gelot on Hot chilli beans volcano, 8b+, by Phil Maurel

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